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You are showing support to a national project for training Armenian volunteers. You contribute to our project's well-being and show your deep commitment to an idea of making Armenia stronger.

Thanks to your support VoMA will be able to train Armenians - volunteers from all over the world. Your kind donation guarantees the development and expansion of our activities. Uniting our efforts contributes to the uniting and strengthening Armenian nation, which is surrounded by militarized countries.


  • AMD 15700 23689240100
  • USD 15700 23689240101
  • RUB 15700 23689240158
  • EUR 15700 23689240158

We can win, only if the pursuit of personal happiness becomes a duty for us, with a condition of serving to the well-being of Armenia. #Njdeh

Every little help is highly appreciated. For example, we can buy 5-7 bullets for shooting classes with 1000 drams.

Material-technical support

- Armenian Dram 1 $ ≈ 480 ֏