Material-technical support

Dear compatriots after launching our website 3,100,750AMD donations were made to us. We are very grateful to those who became a part of strengthening our homeland. By making a contribution to VoMA you are contributing to the preparation of military prepared citizens of Armenia and diaspora, who would become prepared reserve for our army and a powerful fist against our enemies.

Without these donations we would not be able to:

  • Organize 4 military camps, thanks to which more than 100 participants from Armenia and Diaspora got the skills of military rifleman, very necessary for our military actions
  • Get hardball and pneumatic weapons for training
  • Obtain ammunition and pyrotechnics
  • Get climbing equipment and ropes
  • Get military uniforms, boots, sleeping bags, backpacks and other necessary equipment for volunteers
  • Organize logistics in Karvatchar
  • Contain vehicles

After the summer camps our equipment was strongly worn out in mountain off-road conditions. We ordered to create copies of AKMs very similar in look and weight to real ones, which are used as great imitators during the military training camps. Now, for repairing the vehicles and paying for the weapons we need $3,000.

We are ready to continue our actions, we need your support and participation.

Material-technical support

- Armenian Dram 1 $ ≈ 480 ֏