Terms and Conditions


When making transfers through the site, you may be asked to provide certain information to the financial support representative, including your credit card / financial and contact information.

If you decide to remain anonymous, your name will be hidden from the public channels of activity, and not from the main recipient of the transfers. The information received will automatically be indexed in a separate profile, defined for you, where your contact information will be recorded. This information will remains confidential, hidden from the public and will be used only for marketing purposes.

Credit card.

As previously stated, VOMA requires you to provide credit card information in case you make certain transactions that require payment.

The credit card information received by VOMA goes through the tokenization process carried out by our third-party service provider and is not stored directly in VOMA. This information is used only to complete transactions and any recurring or guaranteed minimum transactions you have agreed to. Choosing “monthly support”, you give your unconditional consent that the amount you indicated will be collected monthly from your bank account without your additional consent for each subsequent collection.

This is considered as a payment order provided by you to the bank servicing your account for monthly collection of the indicated amount of money from your account and transfer to the bank account of the public organization VOMA. The latter, in its turn, will direct the funds provided by you to achieve the goals determined by the organization’s development plan.

Material-technical support

- Armenian Dram 1 $ ≈ 480 ֏