Thank God today we have an independent state and the army, which is the guarantor of the existence of our country and us. But unfortunately, we are surrounded by two states established in the occupied Armenian lands. They declare territorial claims on the remaining part of Armenia and the desire to destroy the entire Armenian people. Under these conditions, the fact remains that sooner or later we will have a lot of trials and wars. We can make them forget about fighting us or we can win them once and for all. But this is not enough with only an army at the front, the rear needs to be prepared. Civilians with military specialty, who can use a gun and know methods of survival in extreme conditions. Such civilians in fact become a reserve army, and these conditions will be possible to create a fortress state and an army nation. An example may be Switzerland and Israel.

With this dream in the hearts and minds we opened ՈՄԱ Center (voxj mnalu arvest, VoMA), the art of survival. In our center, anyone can remember the forgotten skills and learn new ones. Tighten the physical form, the theoretical and practical knowledge of military science and the art of survival. Today, in the classroom, organized by VoMA can be found:

  • different types of weapons and their operating methods

Learning to Train:

  • throw knives
  • rock climbing
  • martial arts
  • first medical care
  • autonomous survival.

There are special ten-day military trainings in forested mountainous terrain on the territory of the republic of Armenia and Artsakh. Where students have intensive trainings and classes, as well as in conjunction with the military of the Ministry of Defencemarches and shootings on the ranges. It is noteworthy that these courses take people from Diaspora. For them, in addition to the acquisition of useful skills, there is an opportunity to communicate with their compatriots from Armenia and other countries, and the opportunity to see the country from within. It establishes a connection with the land and the local population and thus strengthened the belief and confidence to defend their homeland.

Preparing for future shocks and wars is self-defense. Our Army is our Ally, and we, as prepared as a reserve from Armenia and Diaspora.

Material-technical support

- Armenian Dram 1 $ ≈ 480 ֏