Charges are an important part of the training process VoMA. Conducted in the approximate combat field trainings create the maximum concentration of physical and moral qualities of the volunteers. In addition to the skills of military affairs and survival in extreme conditions, the participants get acquainted with the area and the local population. As well as get acquainted with the material part of various kinds of weapons and shoot at the shooting range of different military units.

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Military Training Camps are held in Armenia and are designed to maximize the effectiveness of the knowledge and skills of trainees:

  • School VoMA cadets
  • Participants from Armenia and the Diaspora, who have submitted an application to participate
  • Reserve mountain rifle battalion volunteers.

We attach great importance to our cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Armenia and training of our volunteers with regular units of our army! Thanks to this cooperation the overall combat effectiveness of the country increases. Ten-day charges are a good way of combining business with pleasure for the Armenians all over the world. People who go through trainings experience Armenia from new point of view, living in the wild, without intranet and communications (calls home once a day, in the evening), and without the usual comfort of their home cities. The difficulties and trials that they go through together bring them closer.

By going through a military camp, all participants can join the volunteer reserve mountain rifle battalion VoMA. Which became part of the reserve army of Armenia and which will be used whenever you need them.

Material-technical support

- Armenian Dram 1 $ ≈ 480 ֏