The public organization VOMA is not state-supported, therefore it fully functions and develops due to the financial support of ordinary citizens of Armenia and diaspora. Thanks to your monthly contributions we will have stable funding, which in its turn, will let us more accurately plan our activities and develop the organization. Become part of the VOMA team. Together we will make Armenia stronger!

Please choose an amount
- Armenian Dram 1 $ ≈ 480 ֏

Due to the escalations in Artsakh, our priority is to create a VOMA volunteer mountain rifle battalion. At this time, all the finances that come to us will be spent on:

  • carabiners (8 shape)
  • Dynamic rope 60 m (10 mm.)
  • Auxiliary rope 7 mm.
  • Strapping sleeping bag
  • Tactical gloves
  • Medicine

Operation costs in Yerevan, where new volunteers are being trained

  • Food
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Fuel for generators

If you prefer to send any items instead of money, please contact us! [email protected]